Heavy Equipment Repair, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is still owned and operated by the original founders. The initial focus for the company two and a half decades ago was mechanical repairs on equipment for the water well drilling industry. Over the years, services were expanded to more and more industries, and the company acquired large-scale machine tools and welding equipment to accommodate the demand. Although we still do a significant amount of mechanical work, we have developed into a large-scale machine shop with many capabilities!

Heavy Equipment Repair started out with just two staff and 5,000 square feet in St. Paul; it now enjoys 21,000 square feet in Vadnais Heights, MN (just minutes north of St. Paul), and employs personnel such as machinists, welders, mechanics, and support staff in the shop and in the office.

The defining purpose for Heavy Equipment Repair was and is helping companies to operate smoothly and keep their production going. This means that we take ownership of an equipment problem, and work hard to get an operation going again as soon as possible. Heavy Equipment Repair does tough, custom jobs.  We have a “get it done” attitude. A project might range from a simple welding repair or machining a new part, all the way to a complex tear-down and rebuild involving significant welding and machining.

The unique edge that Heavy Equipment Repair has is to work towards solving our client’s problem within their time table, to the best of our ability. We really care about your problems, and will provide you with specific contact information to discuss your concerns and/or the progress of your project. We value our customers, will remember you, will keep records of the work we have done for you, and will strive to earn your continued business for many years. We have certain customers who have been with us since the beginning in 1989!

Call now at 651-644-0340 and see how Heavy Equipment Repair can work for you!