Because of our extensive machine and welding shop, Heavy Equipment Repair is able to manufacture a wide variety of parts according to customer’s prints.  We tend to focus on shorter-run parts (5 – 100), or prototypes, and parts ranging from small (1-2 inches) up to large (20 feet, for example).  Our manufacturing can involve welding and machining, or just one or the other, depending on the product.

Several of our customers provide us with rough castings and prints. We machine the rough castings according to the print to create the finished product. These castings might be composed of cast iron, cast steel, mild steel, stainless steel (304 or 316), or aluminum.  The work can involve milling and turning in order to complete the product.

Other customers create their own large frame-like weldments, but don’t have the capacity to machine them. We can take in the weldments and do the finish machining – according to print – which might include facing, drilling and tapping. Depending on the size of the weldment, we have numerous horizontal boring mills to choose from (CNC and manual), or a vertical machining center.

We can manufacture shafts & rollers of various sizes, composed of almost any material, on one of our many lathes or VTLs. The shafts can be simple and small, or large, or even eccentric!  We manufacture replacement parts for production machines in plants – the customer might want 5–10 spare parts to help avoid an unexpected plant shutdown. If new parts or prints are not available to the customer, we can use an existing part to re-create replacement parts.

In our manufacturing process, we can shear, bend and machine products. We have done projects using mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even copper!

We can also manufacture a part that does not yet exist and does not have a print. In discussion with the customer, we can determine what is needed, what material it should be, and what tolerances should be held. We can draw the part with a CAD program, if needed.  Or sometimes the customer only needs a simple and quick product that can be created from a sketch.  Depending on the application, we will help the customer determine what is needed and provide cost options.

We welcome work that involves manufacturing – from the simple to complex, from moderately small to quite large.

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